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Wiley Cortez About
Wiley Cortez Brand

Create and Live an UNIMAGINABLE life


Wiley Cortez _ Make Moves Not Statements
Wiley Cortez Brand

Wiley Cortez is an Entrepreneur + Confidence Coach with over a decade of experience. After becoming an entrepreneur at a young age, Wiley understands the challenges and obstacles that can present themselves on the road to success in the world of economic activity.

Wiley has committed his life to help others design an unimaginable life built on a firm Foundation, which brings Confidence and a Lifetime Commitment to fulfill your purpose.


Wiley believes that for actual change and success to begin, we must first begin transforming who we are from the foundation of our current reality.


Wiley is married to Rachael, and together they have a beautiful daughter Sicilly. 


Wiley is known for his saying,

“Make Moves Not Statements”


  • Instagram - Wiley Cortez
  • Facebook - Wiley Cortez
  • LinkedIn - Wiley Cortez


Create and Live an UNIMAGINABLE life

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